GATEBIL Tour + Impressive Car Builds In Norway!


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  • brandon williams
    brandon williams  2 months back

    Dude look up grass valley raceway in grass valley oregon. Lots of elevation change

    • Strongmenandco dit Strong

      I'm dying to have my package whith the livery sticker.. Living in France sucks for international deliveries, no news from USPS since a week, that's hella loooooong

      • Jay Why
        Jay Why  2 months back

        Cool trip !

        • SKiZ416
          SKiZ416  2 months back

          I don't know anything they covered but I love hearing Dan's enthusiasm geeking out about build ideas

          • PolAr PolAr
            PolAr PolAr  2 months back

            There needs to be way more people on this channel of God damm it son of a bitch!!!!

            • Travis Johnson
              Travis Johnson  2 months back

              Man what I would give to have all you guys in my garage to talk to learn from and bounce ideas off of to make my 2jz mk2 supra build hyper clean

              • Brittany Kirschnick
                Brittany Kirschnick  2 months back

                To see other people's builds just blows my mind. Such inspiration for everyone in the car industry. Amazing as always!!

              • Grandma Betty
                Grandma Betty  2 months back

                Daniel would look so handsome if he cut his long hair.

                • Anthony Ciccariello
                  Anthony Ciccariello  2 months back

                  The 86 is on point! I just subscribe to Tor's channel

                • D.I.Y Speed Shop
                  D.I.Y Speed Shop  2 months back

                  Always Rad!

                  • T TV.
                    T TV.  2 months back

                    What are the specs on the Toyota Hilux?

                    • Tor-Anders Ringnes
                      Tor-Anders Ringnes  2 months back

                      +T TV. Thank you so much!

                    • T TV.
                      T TV.  2 months back

                      +Tor-Anders Ringnes thanks for the info and reply, i just subscribed to your channel because of it.

                    • Tor-Anders Ringnes
                      Tor-Anders Ringnes  2 months back

                      Hello! This is a 2019 Toyota HiLux 2.4 Diesel 150hk tuned up to 190hp. This is a Arctic Truck version, thats mean its higher, wider with fenders, bigger wheels +++

                  • Tor-Anders Ringnes
                    Tor-Anders Ringnes  2 months back

                    Thanks for the visit guys! You are always welcome anytime. :)

                    • Supreme_queen
                      Supreme_queen  2 months back

                      Intro will never get old 🤩

                      • Tom Ahoks
                        Tom Ahoks  2 months back

                        Gatebil+ Supra needs to happen

                        • DuDeZoNe
                          DuDeZoNe  2 months back

                          Awesome as Always..... Great content.... so cool guys... thx for sharing..

                          • Bomb bros
                            Bomb bros  2 months back

                            You should visit buldre Racing team