DIAMANTE-Ако знаеш мойто име...ДИАМАНТЕ


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  • Nikolai Borisov
    Nikolai Borisov  3 years back

    mnogo qka pesen, a Titana me kefi kak si densi

    • Nikolai Borisov
      Nikolai Borisov  3 years back

      mnogo qka pesen
      a titana mn go kefi kak si densi

      • Daniela Kalpakhieva
        Daniela Kalpakhieva  3 years back

        Lubimata mi pesen

        • Карина Димитрова

          МнОгО яКаАааа хD

          • Denis Danchov
            Denis Danchov  5 years back

            Tazi pesen e mn got mn me kefi ama kogato ima momicheta po krai teb togava treaa s sigornost da q izpeesh

            • Mangal hood
              Mangal hood  5 years back

              tuk e dobre ;)

              • tedi ivanova
                tedi ivanova  5 years back

                Песента е много яка  ... Все пак Diamante я пее!!!! <3

                • boiko iosifov
                  boiko iosifov  5 years back

                  яка песен само такива песни да се чуват :D :D :D

                  • Mihail Petrov
                    Mihail Petrov  5 years back

                    qka pesen bravo

                    • Michelle Espinosa
                      Michelle Espinosa  5 years back

                      translation of this song?? I totally rock out to it! Have a feeling i would like it more if i knew what they were saying.

                      • Svetoslav Kirilov
                        Svetoslav Kirilov  5 years back

                        1.This evening come whit me,
                        to put our hands up in the club
                        This evening you will dance for me
                        Whit my lips I will draw on your body
                        Listen careful every word
                        I have so many things to tell you
                        Look on my eyes ,on my eyes
                        They are on your breasts ,on your breasts yeah
                        I will be a wild animal 
                        lets put together our bodies
                        My name you know pretty well
                        Scream it now "DIAMANTE"
                        Thousands things I will show you
                        You want more ,we put the voltage high
                        There is no other names anymore 
                        You will repeat this forever.


                        If you know my name/DIAMANTE/
                        Call me by name /DIAMANTE/

                        2.Like MILIONI said put your hands up
                        I want to see both up,up on the sky 
                        Baby you will be like an ice cream
                        I want to leak you till the morning 
                        g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-give me
                        Give me your body,your minds
                        There is no place for shame here
                        I can make come true 103 dreams today
                        I can do nothing to be heard for you
                        I can be gentle and I can be rough 
                        I can be smooth and I can be crazy
                        I will kiss like no one else
                        I will f**k  like no one else
                        I will hug like no one else.
                        Like no one else,no one else.

                    • anita sladuranata
                      anita sladuranata  5 years back

                      tazi pesen napravo ubiva mn e gotina mn me kefi

                      • Milen Georgiev
                        Milen Georgiev  5 years back


                        • Venislav Petrov
                          Venislav Petrov  6 years back

                          taq pesen bie mraka

                          • Десислава Григорова

                            искжэъшпв ♥ полудявам :Д

                            • thestormlexy
                              thestormlexy  6 years back

                              Адски ме кефи, звучи някак секси :)

                              • Metamorphosis
                                Metamorphosis  6 years back

                                а беги с тоя криско старите му бях яки сега неструват

                                • Наталия Илиева

                                  kartela prawqt yniikaalni pesni osobeno Diamante i Milioni nqmam dymi ewala :)

                                  • Venislav Petrov
                                    Venislav Petrov  6 years back

                                    po qki pesni na kartela nqma nikade

                                    • Mitko Petrov
                                      Mitko Petrov  6 years back

                                      яка песен само такива песни да се чуват а не като Криско - drop some:D

                                      • Metamorphosis
                                        Metamorphosis  6 years back

                                        po qka bulgarska i motivirashta pesen ne bqh slushal nikoga :) BRAVOO

                                        • WHITE WOLF OFFICIAL
                                          WHITE WOLF OFFICIAL  6 years back

                                          Браво! ;)

                                          • Antoniq Tomova
                                            Antoniq Tomova  6 years back

                                            Най- добрия си!!! Обичам те!!!

                                            • deqn ankov
                                              deqn ankov  6 years back

                                              brutalen track !!!

                                              • studitoPLD
                                                studitoPLD  6 years back

                                                НЯМАМ ДУМИ :X .. ЕВАЛА.. БЯСЕН ТРАК.