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  • Published: 19 February 2016
  • Jimbo finally built a custom metal table for his new lathes. This table is a little bit shorter than his welding table because when working with lathes it is helpful to position your self over top of the table. This table can be used for multiple purposes and is super heavy duty.

    There are some great add-ons coming to this table that will make it even more useful.

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Comments • 118

  • Alan Wall
    Alan Wall  3 weeks back

    Nice build solid construction it will last a lifetime

    • Dany Costa
      Dany Costa  1 months back

      How big was the top of the table

      • Joe Cuevas
        Joe Cuevas  4 months back

        How do you keep from rusting? I love the raw metal look but I would hate it to rust. It's super wet where I live by the coast.

        • chalemi
          chalemi  4 months back

          $650!!! No way!

          • Alex Zonin
            Alex Zonin  5 months back

            714, homie where you at?

            • NAXENINE
              NAXENINE  5 months back


              • acewelding
                acewelding  6 months back

                The files for a pro welding table are for sale on ebay, you can have the parts cut at your local laser profiler. Here's the link.

                • outdoorsman 88
                  outdoorsman 88  6 months back

                  Which Everlast welder is that? How do you like it?

                  • 0475 .-.
                    0475 .-.  6 months back

                    What brand is ur metal lathe?

                    • FtK1998
                      FtK1998  7 months back

                      hey Jimbo do you had any issue with the cold shop saw? I had bought one and the blade does don t cut after ten cut...

                      • Luc Clymans
                        Luc Clymans  11 months back

                        Thanks a lot

                        • Sean Fraser
                          Sean Fraser  11 months back

                          Great video Jim really enjoy simple you make things look according to comfortability and straight forward with your projects. great work. Learning from you so thumbs up.

                        • Russ Jackson
                          Russ Jackson  11 months back

                          Great job and really nice workshop. I'm not a welder, but with videos like this perhaps some day I will be...

                          • Michael Cunanan
                            Michael Cunanan  11 months back

                            I' am not a welder but it looks...pretty...i enjoy watching....your work...

                          • Luis Slavinsky
                            Luis Slavinsky  11 months back

                            Eccelente "Luis Uruguay...

                            • ricardo iglesias
                              ricardo iglesias  1 years back

                              Hello Jimbo, building one of these, question what’s the length and width ?

                              • JIMBO'S GARAGE
                                JIMBO'S GARAGE   1 years back

                                Thanks for watching ricardo, That one is 42'' x 60'' Jimbo!

                            • Musa Shicha
                              Musa Shicha  1 years back

                              Anyone could help me.. What kind of welder that he used?

                              • Brooks Gant
                                Brooks Gant  1 years back

                                Just getting into welding and really learning a lot from your videos. Wanted to know what type of corner vise you are using that you have enjoyed so much. Thanks for all these great videos!

                                • Brooks Gant
                                  Brooks Gant  1 years back

                                  Picked one up last week. Amazing quality! Weighs like 20 lbs! Now to save up up for a few more! :)

                                • JIMBO'S GARAGE
                                  JIMBO'S GARAGE   1 years back

                                  Thanks for watching Brooks, It is a Yost corner vise. Jimbo!

                              • Rush Cummins
                                Rush Cummins  1 years back

                                Good job

                              • Ahmed AL Tayeb
                                Ahmed AL Tayeb  1 years back

                                You are a creative artist and greetings to you

                                • Zainul-Arifin Zainuddin

                                  whats the measurement jimbo?

                                • فاضل حسين
                                  فاضل حسين  1 years back


                                  • Martin's Woodshop
                                    Martin's Woodshop  1 years back

                                    And ahh

                                    • Jerry A
                                      Jerry A  1 years back

                                      What brand and model is that metal chop saw?

                                    • J Zoolander
                                      J Zoolander  1 years back

                                      Man they some sexy welds.

                                      • Roberto Agosti
                                        Roberto Agosti  1 years back

                                        hola jimbos me gustaría saber las medidas de tu garaje gracias y Saludos desde argentina

                                        • Texas Built
                                          Texas Built  1 years back

                                          Those filters you are using on you respirator are for vapors, not dust.

                                          • Angel Roberto Sánchez Pérez

                                            EXCELENTE MAESTRO

                                            • Tom Green
                                              Tom Green  1 years back

                                              I wished I had a metal tub to chase around Kangaroos but I live in the U.S and there aint to many Kangaroos around here, so first I would have to move to Austria

                                            • chrislef2002
                                              chrislef2002  1 years back

                                              I really enjoyed this video. Approximately what would the parts for this table build cost? Price for the flat sheet alone and that for the framing material. Is there a rough pricing estimate per square foot for such sheets such as used as the top? Chris

                                              • Chrislef
                                                Chrislef  1 years back

                                                Great - thanks for sharing!

                                              • JIMBO'S GARAGE
                                                JIMBO'S GARAGE   1 years back

                                                Thanks for watching, The square tube was about $150 and the 4' x 6' sheet of 1/4'' plate was about $100. Jimbos garage!

                                            • EPE Fabrication
                                              EPE Fabrication  2 years back

                                              Course Scotch bright hand pads and dish soap with water is the easy way to clean/prep/remove/grease & light rust on metal, then just wipe with shammy & blow off with compressed air.

                                              • The Salty Reefer
                                                The Salty Reefer  2 years back

                                                Hey Jimbo, New subcriber here, awesome video, just bought a nice little Inverter Mig Gasless welder, and this kind of fabrication is just what im wanting to do thanks :)

                                              • Jack Johnson
                                                Jack Johnson  2 years back

                                                A great way to burn your skin with ULTRA VIOLET light and get skin cancer is to weld unprotected!
                                                Keep it up!

                                                • JIMBO'S GARAGE
                                                  JIMBO'S GARAGE   2 years back

                                                  Thanks for watching Jack, Maybe that is why my arms are so messed up! Old habits are hard to break! Jimbos garage!

                                              • evertried studio
                                                evertried studio  2 years back

                                                i wish i was as good a welder as you! great video!

                                              • Uriel Valdez
                                                Uriel Valdez  2 years back

                                                Jimbl your e the man sir! I want to learn how to weld, how can i start and what tools do I need?

                                                • JIMBO'S GARAGE
                                                  JIMBO'S GARAGE   2 years back

                                                  Thanks for watching Uriel, A good welder, Glovers and a welding jacket, And a good helmet! Jimbos garage!

                                              • MagicMatt
                                                MagicMatt  2 years back

                                                wow.I wish I could weld like that.bought a mig welder 90amp from Harbor fright to use on my jeep.that's for some good tips.

                                                • Roger Onslow
                                                  Roger Onslow  2 years back

                                                  Very nice welds. Somehow I think you've done this before.

                                                  • JIMBO'S GARAGE
                                                    JIMBO'S GARAGE   2 years back

                                                    Thanks for watching Roger, Just a few years, Jimbos garage!

                                                • Viral Clown
                                                  Viral Clown  2 years back

                                                  I need a blade like that on your metal saw. My original makita blades don't last

                                                  • TheDungeonGymMalaysia
                                                    TheDungeonGymMalaysia  2 years back

                                                    hi im planning on doing my first work bench..just took up welding class recently. it is ok if the top of the table if i use plywood instead of metal sheet.. im on really tight budget.. metalsheet cost a bomb in my country .thanks

                                                    • JIMBO'S GARAGE
                                                      JIMBO'S GARAGE   2 years back

                                                      Thanks for watching, As long as it is a work bench and not a welding table! Jimbos garage!

                                                  • fred
                                                    fred  2 years back

                                                    Bom trabalho !Pondo em pratica suas ideias aqui no Brasil!

                                                    • Pankaj Suthar
                                                      Pankaj Suthar  2 years back

                                                      24 गेज के पाइप पे छेद नही होने वाली मशीन का विडिओ ओर पराइज

                                                      • Gary Davis
                                                        Gary Davis  2 years back

                                                        Why did you choose the Fein cold saw as opposed to others such as the Dewalt? I am in the market.

                                                        • JIMBO'S GARAGE
                                                          JIMBO'S GARAGE   2 years back

                                                          Thanks for watching Gary, That saw ( The Slugger) was sent out to me by Fein, I like everything about it, It is a 14'' my other makita is a 12'' there is a big difference. If you get one i would get a 14'' saw for sure. Jimbos garage!

                                                      • CT moog
                                                        CT moog  2 years back

                                                        Great video. Thank you

                                                      • Sly Law
                                                        Sly Law  2 years back

                                                        whats up with those belts on the lathe

                                                        • JIMBO'S GARAGE
                                                          JIMBO'S GARAGE   2 years back

                                                          Thanks for watching, It is an old school lathe. Jimbos garage!

                                                      • RemoWest
                                                        RemoWest  2 years back

                                                        Nice beads!

                                                        • tareq ali
                                                          tareq ali  2 years back

                                                          addicted to it

                                                          • Robert Cerda
                                                            Robert Cerda  2 years back

                                                            Someday I will have a garage like that.

                                                            • peter yeung
                                                              peter yeung  4 months back

                                                              Why not today?

                                                            • Goran Dojcinov
                                                              Goran Dojcinov  11 months back

                                                              Jack Johnson my wife let me to have and work in my garage,just dont have enough money to buy all the stuff and tools I need 🤔

                                                            • Pemdoma Sherpa
                                                              Pemdoma Sherpa  12 months back

                                                              Robert Cerdas'

                                                            • Jack Johnson
                                                              Jack Johnson  2 years back

                                                              Robert Cerda you won't have a garage like that your wife won't let you

                                                            • patrick clay
                                                              patrick clay  2 years back

                                                              Robert Cerda I hope the same

                                                          • Virginia Hoffman
                                                            Virginia Hoffman  2 years back

                                                            Nice beads, this design will work well in my shop. Thank you.