7 FUNNY DIY SCHOOL PRANKS || Easy Pranks For Back To School!

  • Published: 03 April 2019
  • School gets boring sometimes, so if you want to liven it up with funny pranks, who could blame you?

    Using your school supplies is a fun way to get started, or you could prank friends with food tricks as well.

    If you’ve always wanted to prank someone on April Fools’ Day but you never think of a plan in time, stop dreaming. You’ve hit the last-minute prank jackpot.

    We are here to help you execute a perfectly simple, yet hilariously harmless prank.

    Check out these easy gags to pull on your friends and classmates and prank war victory will be yours!


    0:16 Play-Doh Bubble Gum

    1:10 Toothpaste in Oreo Prank

    2:53 Soy Sauce Cola

    4:43 Fake Wound Prank

    5:39 Pencil Holder Prank

    6:59 Lunch Switching Prank

    8:38 BLOOPERS!

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  • 123 GO!
    123 GO!   3 weeks back

    Check out these easy gags to pull on your friends and classmates and prank war victory will be yours!

    • Arianna Culver
      Arianna Culver  5 hours back

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      Elli ALDC  7 hours back

      123 GO! Please give me a shoutout please

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      123 GO! Ok

  • Kiri Rogers
    Kiri Rogers  29 minutes back

    They get there hacks from other channels

    • WaterWolf3D
      WaterWolf3D  1 hours back

      Mia is so dumb and rude she took Vicky’s sandwich box what an idiot

      • WaterWolf3D
        WaterWolf3D  2 hours back

        Mia’s teeth are yellow as corn 🤢🤮

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          Jisung Pwark  2 hours back

          eww mias lips are chop

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            Iris Rose Añez  2 hours back

            Bad mia

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              Lizbeth Gutierrez  2 hours back

              Btw art is not perfect

              • Lexie Sanders
                Lexie Sanders  2 hours back

                bet you will not pin this but if you do i will scream!

                • GalaxyBadgirl
                  GalaxyBadgirl  2 hours back

                  That’s what she get for drinking her stuff

                • the original foxy
                  the original foxy  3 hours back

                  On the Oreo one couldn't you smell the toothpaste before you ate it

                  • SkinneR1970N
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                    • Blerta Ismaili
                      Blerta Ismaili  3 hours back

                      Crazy girls

                      • susannathelpsgirl101
                        susannathelpsgirl101  3 hours back

                        When troom troom and 5 minute crafts make one whole channel but better than either of them

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                            • Hahahihi Walawe
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                              I hate miya

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                                Shirley Herring  4 hours back

                                Where did y’all get that back pack?

                                • Adaline Scheiter
                                  Adaline Scheiter  4 hours back

                                  Mia that was so rude of you to take her lunch😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

                                  • Evie McCallum
                                    Evie McCallum  5 hours back

                                    2:11 her face tho

                                    • Kiwi_Nation
                                      Kiwi_Nation  5 hours back

                                      No teacher let's their students chew on gum..

                                    • Leah Sophia
                                      Leah Sophia  5 hours back

                                      You can not eat playdoh

                                      • Tyty Remy
                                        Tyty Remy  6 hours back

                                        I hate MIA

                                        • dilora boci
                                          dilora boci  6 hours back

                                          i feel offended...I LOVE BIOLOGY!!!

                                          • Goya Moria
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                                            You need to do a vlog

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                                              I hate you Mia the Idiot

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                                                  Love your video plzz put more video love u 123 go

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                                                    Mia pagal

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                                                      Noor and Lamar  9 hours back

                                                      I hate you sooooooooo much

                                                      • Wolves Love
                                                        Wolves Love  9 hours back

                                                        At my school we are not aloud to have soda gum or candy food in class

                                                        • Kylie Padilla
                                                          Kylie Padilla  10 hours back

                                                          I don't like them!!!
                                                          I like Vicky and Helly most!!!!

                                                          • Wiwied Agus
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                                                            • Riana & Jannat
                                                              Riana & Jannat  11 hours back

                                                              That’s rude

                                                              • Najmus Sharaf
                                                                Najmus Sharaf  11 hours back

                                                                How can she eat the clay eww 😱😲

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                                                                    Trop bien jadore vos vidéos continuez ❤️😘😍

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                                                                      i think mia is kind of mean

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                                                                        mia sucks

                                                                        • Ashish Kumar
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                                                                          Very funny video

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                                                                            Mia is very bad

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                                                                              1 comment=1 punch to mia

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                                                                                This channel has been copied trom trom

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                                                                                  so fani

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                                                                                    Nooooo my favorite sprite!

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                                                                                          • Kyla's Life
                                                                                            Kyla's Life  16 hours back

                                                                                            Why did you do the clay gum if they will die what would you do