Builing the Dream Workshop! (Workshop Build and Tour)


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  • Brian Schroeder
    Brian Schroeder  3 days back

    wheres the beer fridge? :P

    • Max Maker
      Max Maker   8 hours back

      Upstairs. Don’t want to waste space for that, but I thought about it.

  • DunnyBrush
    DunnyBrush  3 days back

    hey dude new with the mitresaw like that you wont be able to tilt the blade

    • Max Maker
      Max Maker   8 hours back

      I never used that feature.

  • aanikola
    aanikola  4 days back

    This is awesome! Do you happen to have an inventory of all that you did?

    • *100 subscriber without a video!!!

      I want to have this in my future

      • mwnciboo
        mwnciboo  6 days back

        I've got to be honest max...If i came down to my car and it was covered in crap/dust/ filingsbecause someone had built a workshop in my under ground parking - I would be fucked off to a magnitude that would result in a physical arse kicking for someone. Even your dust extraction will not be decent enough, and i have no idea if my car insurance would pay out if it got damaged.

        • Douglas Scott
          Douglas Scott  6 days back

          The building owner let you drill all those holes in the walls ?!?

        • Eri Si
          Eri Si  7 days back

          In the UK... I can't imagine buildinga workshop in an open car park, certainly interesting though

          • Max Maker
            Max Maker   6 days back

            There are just two other parties, one is my sister and the other doctors.

        • Gregory Hare
          Gregory Hare  7 days back

          I like to thank you for all the information you have given to us and i have to say that's a goid work shop way to go friend

        • Pat Regan
          Pat Regan  1 weeks back

          As soon as I checked out the videos on your channel, this video immediately drew my attention. We bought a new house last year, and my plan has been to convert the two-car garage into a 500+ sq ft office/lab/workshop/studio area. I've had some delays, but I'm expecting to get more electricity and some air conditioning out there before the Texas summer heat gets here this year, so I'm excited.

          I hope I can manage to do even 1/4 as well as you've done here, Max!

          • Max Maker
            Max Maker   1 weeks back

            Good luck! Working at home is amazing. I can work for a few hours, take a nap and then return to the workshop. Underground also works very well. The temperature is always 9-20C°.

        • Unfreundlich
          Unfreundlich  2 weeks back

          i would build walls! for protection,safty and remember the dust....on other cars? not long and some of your tools will be gone! stupid idea. i forgot if you are not an electrician you are not allowed to install "steckdosen" yourself! scetchy shit

          • ADSlammer
            ADSlammer  2 weeks back

            I would the have made the tool wall into a whiteboard for planning projects.

            • ADSlammer
              ADSlammer  2 weeks back

              +Max Maker yes that's not alot, I think my one is 16inch between centers which I think is a good size because it allows room for the drill bits.

            • Max Maker
              Max Maker   2 weeks back

              Yes I got it on ebay. I believe the Optimum lathes are a better quality version of all other lathes. Mine is just quite short. The tailstock with a 10mm drill already takes up 300mm of the length.

            • ADSlammer
              ADSlammer  2 weeks back

              +Max Maker yes hopefully a boxford. I like your lathe I use optimum lathes at school, very nice quality but a bit pricey for me, was it a auction online like eBay?

            • Max Maker
              Max Maker   2 weeks back

              Very cool! A metal lathe? I bought a mini lathe on auction. Its ok, but I wish I had a big lathe.

            • ADSlammer
              ADSlammer  2 weeks back

              +Max Maker yeah, were going to knock it down and the shed next to it and combine them so it'll be 2.5m x 6m. It's the only option because I'm buying a lathe! Hah

          • RFXCasey
            RFXCasey  2 weeks back

            I would avoid drilling holes in load bearing block or concrete walls at all cost.

          • Just Build It Canada
            Just Build It Canada  2 weeks back

            👍👍👍Nice job 👍👍👍

            • Max Maker
              Max Maker   2 weeks back

              Just Build It Canada Thanks!

          • Kyle Jurick
            Kyle Jurick  3 weeks back

            You don’t need to take that disc sander apart to change the paper. Just peel half of the backing over so that half of the adhesive is exposed. Slip the portion with the backing still on down onto the lower half of the disc then press the top half onto the disc. Rotate the disc 180 degrees and peel the rest of the backing off. Press the rest of the backing onto the wheel. Done

            • Emilis T
              Emilis T  3 weeks back

              lidl is very good
              half of my workshop is from lidl its not the best quality but they are good things to start with

              • Max Maker
                Max Maker   3 weeks back

                Yeah, I like it too. My heat gun is from Lidl as well as some gadgets. Their super glue is always cheap and some shitty vise clamps.

            • Raad Bitar
              Raad Bitar  4 weeks back

              Nice work buddy, but its not up to German standards!! :D

              • Max Maker
                Max Maker   4 weeks back

                +Raad Bitar Yeah you are right. It is not perfect. I only had a few weeks to get set up, because I also use this place for my daily work, so I could not afford to let this project drag on. At the same time I also moved appartments and my helped my sister move (into the same building). But I will improve it over time. Tonight I am ordering some machinist drawers out of steel. And over time I will make it much better.

              • Raad Bitar
                Raad Bitar  4 weeks back

                ​+Max Maker Don't get me wrong my friend, I'm not criticizing you!., yes some of the setup can be done in a nicer way but after all your shop is great, well organized with great tools. I was just kidding with you because German people are usually known for being over obsessed with perfection in every details, that's why I assumed that maybe your shop may not be up to that standards :)

              • Max Maker
                Max Maker   4 weeks back


            • cantoine1972
              cantoine1972  4 weeks back

              Can you share the link to the mobile cart legs you found on Amazon?

              • cantoine1972
                cantoine1972  4 weeks back

                Sorry, no need, just saw you had provided in an earlier comment. Thanks for the great idea.

            • PewDiePie PDP
              PewDiePie PDP  1 months back

              13:20 ... clamps

              • Diego Diez
                Diego Diez  1 months back

                Hey Man, nice workshop, Now I would realy like a tour of your 911, what's that ? a late 80' or early 90' ? I loved a 911SC

                • Max Maker
                  Max Maker   1 months back

                  Not mine. I belive its late 80s. It belongs to my neighbors.

              • Stefan Dück
                Stefan Dück  1 months back

                Hallo, sieht sehr gut aus! Könntest du bitte einen Link von der schwarzen Folie posten, welche auf der Werkbank liegt? Danke! :)

                • Max Maker
                  Max Maker   1 months back

                  Hey. Danke. Gib mal be ebay Gummimatte oder Feinriefenmatte ein!

              • ClutterBug
                ClutterBug  1 months back

                Amazing space!

              • Jimmy z
                Jimmy z  1 months back

                Are you getting free electricity?

                • Max Maker
                  Max Maker   1 months back

                  Good question. I pay. The new cables that I put in are connected to my flats electricity meter. So all the sockets and lights in that space are accounted for.

              • David Handley
                David Handley  1 months back

                Your new workshop looks fabulous. You’ve got way more space for all your projects now. Thanks for sharing. From Australia 🇦🇺👍

                • Max Maker
                  Max Maker   1 months back

                  Thanks! I enjoy it every day.

              • made ariartha
                made ariartha  2 months back

                How to boil a workshop

                • H2Dwoat
                  H2Dwoat  2 months back

                  Dude, check the spelling on your title for this video. I am jealous of all the space you have 😎.

                  • MR. NVC DIY
                    MR. NVC DIY  2 months back

                    Great workshop.

                  • Dillon Davis
                    Dillon Davis  2 months back

                    In America we use metal and plastic

                    • Mission Dan
                      Mission Dan  2 months back

                      The second i lose my 13mm spanner im going to be wondering which neighbour stole my tools... this is not a “dream workshop” for me

                      • Max Maker
                        Max Maker   2 months back

                        I have been living here for 6 months now. Nothing happened. My neighbours are both doctors. They make enough money not to steal stuff and they don’t have time to use tools either. There are also cameras.

                    • Sandy
                      Sandy  2 months back

                      good video but just not feeling it.

                      • Anthony Verkholantsev
                        Anthony Verkholantsev  2 months back

                        Hey. Pretty nice setup.
                        Btw don't you ever need to rotate o tilt your miter saw?

                        • Max Maker
                          Max Maker   2 months back

                          So far I haven’t. But I cut a ton of aluminium profiles with it. Literally more than a ton so far. All straight cuts.

                      • dave dave
                        dave dave  2 months back

                        Be careful not to drop screws otherwise you neighbours will be mad when they find one in there tyre.

                        • clint0699
                          clint0699  2 months back

                          Ich nehme mal an du mietest das ganze...also die Werkstatt ist nicht dein Eigentum....ich weiss ned wie ihr Youtuber das alles löst, aber als Vermieter könntet ihr mich kreuzweise wenn ihr überall Löcher reinbohrt aufstemmt und einen Parkplatz (Garage) ect.. komplett verhuntzt. Aber ich nehme mal an bei einen eventuellen Umzug/Auszug wird das alles in Rechnung gestellt.

                          • Max Maker
                            Max Maker   2 months back

                            Mein Vermieter hat gar kein Problem damit. Besonders da ich einen langfristigen Mietvertrag habe. Löcher zu spachteln, überstreichen und es ist nichts mehr zu sehen.

                        • Davide Zannella
                          Davide Zannella  2 months back


                          • juan stocki
                            juan stocki  2 months back

                            with your resources you could have left much more neat and better finished the details

                            • Max Maker
                              Max Maker   2 months back

                              Yeah, but I don’t have all the time in the world to finish it.

                          • Sleepy Pipit
                            Sleepy Pipit  2 months back

                            Und dein Vermieter hat nichts dagegen ?

                            • Max Maker
                              Max Maker   2 months back

                              Ne, aber ich hab einen langfristigen Mietvertrag und ich spiele hier nebenbei den Hausmeister.

                          • Mark Reynolds
                            Mark Reynolds  2 months back

                            I can highly recommend a German Shepherd. You know, since you already have the bowl, the rest is simple. Well done with the plastic LED tool board! Outstanding!

                            • Max Maker
                              Max Maker   2 months back


                            • Mark Reynolds
                              Mark Reynolds  2 months back

                              My German Shepherd has her own cat. She thinks it is a very ugly puppy, but she loves him anyway.  
                              +Max Maker

                            • Max Maker
                              Max Maker   2 months back

                              Thanks: ) I have two Sacred Cats of Birma. They are good companions too and they can walk themselves in the Garden.

                          • Larry Cearlock
                            Larry Cearlock  2 months back

                            I wish I had as much room you have-just a small suggestion on battery charging for your power tools-put them on a timer that switches off and on during a 24 hour period. this will help save your chargers life and keeps your batteries charge real nice.

                            • Max Maker
                              Max Maker   2 months back

                              Good idea. I have them switched on remotely. So they are only on when the lights are on.

                          • Jeremy S Cook
                            Jeremy S Cook  2 months back

                            His video really blew up. Nice job, you’ll have to tell me he secret next time we talk!

                          • Danny Sweeney
                            Danny Sweeney  2 months back

                            Love your practical solution for the mitre saw, made me lol ☺

                            • Hans-Joachim Götz
                              Hans-Joachim Götz  2 months back

                              Hallo wenn du die Deckenplatten weiß streichst wirkt der Raum größer und du hast mehr Licht !

                              • Hans-Joachim Götz
                                Hans-Joachim Götz  2 months back

                                +Max Maker he he he ok vielleicht nächstes Mal :)

                              • Max Maker
                                Max Maker   2 months back

                                Gute Idee, aber jetzt hängt da schon zu viel Zeug drann.

                            • Javier Merino
                              Javier Merino  2 months back

                              Englisch pass nit! 🤨😱

                              • Oella Saw
                                Oella Saw  2 months back


                              • David Dobry
                                David Dobry  2 months back

                                How were you able to build this in a place you are renting. did the landlord allow this?

                                • David Dobry
                                  David Dobry  6 days back

                                  +Max Maker It's just different in America so just thought id ask

                                • Max Maker
                                  Max Maker   2 months back

                                  Yes he did. Why not?

                              • Jean-Pierre Sager
                                Jean-Pierre Sager  2 months back

                                Hi, wie ist denn das nun. Du hast zwei Parkplätze gemietet, bleibt nun die Werkstatt offen auf den anderen Seiten? Ich weiß ja nicht so eine Garage ist doch kalt und feucht. Macht das denn Spass? Bei mir im Keller ist es auch nicht gerade warm aber sicher wärmer als in der Garage neben an und wenn man an der Arbeit ist heizt sich der Raum auch auf. Gruss

                                • Kyle Nichols
                                  Kyle Nichols  2 months back

                                  Ha, I’m America (where I live, at least), your tools would be gone within a month.

                                  • Prakash Gudimetla Gudimetla Prakash

                                    NYC work shop and super bro excellent thank you

                                    • 13daniel1974
                                      13daniel1974  2 months back

                                      What about your static electricity build up in your dust collection system?

                                      • Max Maker
                                        Max Maker   2 months back

                                        There is a lot of debate about this. I come to the conclusion that it is doubtfull that this can happen. In Theory it is possible to create a dust explosion in areas that are dusty and where there is an open flame or sparks. However, that spark needs a certain energy and it is not known if those fires can happen in moving air. NO household vacuum has anti spark either.

                                    • Judosheep
                                      Judosheep  3 months back

                                      Ist dass DEINE garage ? :o