Rob Bredow Takes The Stage At SWCC 2019 | The Star Wars Show Live!


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  • Marcel Slagman
    Marcel Slagman  2 months back

    The book is great. Everyone who likes movies and wants to know how movies are made should buy it: it goes form scouting in the Dolomites and Fuerteventura, to the set at Pinewood Studios to the filming and post production.
    Great photography and interesting interviews/stories etc. Well Done, Rob Bredow.

    • Lisa Dullard
      Lisa Dullard  3 months back

      Rob Bredow was kind enough to sign my copy of Making Solo, and it was such a privilege to have a chance to meet him at Celebration. It was my goal for the event, because Solo is my favorite film, so I was thrilled! I attended his wonderful panel, too.

      • Sunrise Alex
        Sunrise Alex  3 months back

        T-shirt Gun" seems to be a tradicion now of every Celebration :P
        I looove those BTS photos of Solo and the fact that they got into real location and it all was real, make me happy :)
        Amazing work!

        • Francesco Tacconi
          Francesco Tacconi  3 months back

          Anyway, Solo maybe was better than The Last Jedi.

        • Mark Graves
          Mark Graves  3 months back

          0:34 "Falcon of the cockpit" ... Ha! (I think he meant cockpit of the Falcon)

        • ChildOfTheFuture Generation

          Of one were to render an open world environment (such as the star wars universe) in virtual reality and have a virtual reality headset adapted to capture facial expression, hand input, motion capture, for a movie actor, theoretically, would one be able to practically film a movie in 100% cgi?

          • TheCBMM1
            TheCBMM1  3 months back

            The new Lion King is pretty much filmed like that. Look up the interview with Jon Favreau and James Cameron. Jon talks all about it.

        • Pithy Sith
          Pithy Sith  3 months back

          Just met him at a book signing right before he did this! He signed my book and took a picture with me; super nice guy!!

          • T_K 1015
            T_K 1015  3 months back

            This is the worst year to miss celebration😫

            • Miraculous GR
              Miraculous GR  3 months back

              Hello from Athens Greece!!!! We all love Star Wars here!!!!

              • the cartoonist
                the cartoonist  3 months back

                solo was terrific. wish it had done better.

                • Kyle Bookout
                  Kyle Bookout  3 months back

                  @Pedro Santos yes! They're story cant be done. Us soloers gotta show our support. Lol.

                • Pedro Santos
                  Pedro Santos  3 months back

                  @Kyle Bookout that would be really good! Or maybe they appear in the mandolrian series maybe.

                • Kyle Bookout
                  Kyle Bookout  3 months back

                  Yeah it was a great little movie! I wanna see more. Going up against infinity war and bad marketing. Laaaame. I gotta see what's going on with Qui'ra and maul!? Maybe a miniseries. Something!

              • gokinsmen
                gokinsmen  3 months back

                SOLO was so underrated. I'd recommend it even (especially?) if you don't like the other new movies. Like one critic said, it felt more like Raiders of the Lost Ark than Star Wars, but that's what I loved about it -- it was a pulpy, old-fashioned adventure.

                Bredow and his team did amazing work -- the Kessel Run alone was worthy of the Oscar nom they got.

                • Pedro Santos
                  Pedro Santos  3 months back

                  @gokinsmen exactly! Finally someone who agree with me

                • gokinsmen
                  gokinsmen  3 months back

                  @Pedro Santos Definitely. I love Jedi/Sith lore, but I also love non-Force characters - smugglers, bounty hunters, gangsters.

                • Pedro Santos
                  Pedro Santos  3 months back

                  Yeah I also liked because it was one other face of star wars and I think we need that!

              • Michiii
                Michiii  3 months back

                Its a Trap

                • Alex M
                  Alex M  3 months back

                  Where’s Hayden?

                  • •Squampy •
                    •Squampy •  3 months back


                    • Connor 64
                      Connor 64  3 months back

                      BREDOW FULL

                      • Merel Steffens
                        Merel Steffens  3 months back


                        • Kanon
                          Kanon  3 months back

                          Never tell me the Odds 😠

                          • Nick TBBS
                            Nick TBBS  3 months back

                            Wow first....😬😬 but still YAY

                            • Nick TBBS
                              Nick TBBS  3 months back


                              • TheSlimerBoi
                                TheSlimerBoi  3 months back

                                Hello there

                                • Vakanic
                                  Vakanic  3 months back

                                  TheSlimerBoii General Kenobi, you are a bold one.