• Published: 01 April 2019

    This time you will learn how to prepare different beauty products using activated charcoal, honey, coconut oil, and other super effective ingredients. All these recipes are so easy to do and have various benefits for your hair and skin.
    I bet you haven’t known that activated charcoal has a lot of uses in the beauty industry. Beauty products with charcoal became very popular recently and there are a lot of reasons. Charcoal detoxifies your body, has antibacterial and exfoliation skin effect. Moreover, you can whiten your teeth with charcoal. Mix charcoal powder with water and ‘’clean’’ your teeth with a toothbrush. Repeat for 7 days and your teeth will look perfect. Do not buy expensive products to whiten your teeth! If the underarm skin became dark, don’t worry you still can wear sleeveless tops. But before trying our recipe – mix honey and activated charcoal to exfoliate underarm. The next lifehack will shock you. You can make hair dye by your own hands using charcoal! Don’t you believe us? Try this recipe of hair dye if you want to become a brunette: mix aloe Vera gel with charcoal, flaxseed and hot water. Apply this mixture, wear a shower cap and wait for two hours. The most popular mask made from charcoal is a mask for blackheads. This mask made from two ingredients charcoal powder and PVA glue. Try this incredible recipe and your skin will be clear!
    The next collection of beauty products is made with honey. You can use honey as medicine to cure minor burns or to make cough drops. Also, you will find a lot of recipes for hair, skin and also cure flu. Do you need a natural scrub? Here is an inexpensive idea: mix honey with oatmeal and use as a natural scrub for your face. If you have flu you should try the next recipe: mix flour, honey, and coconut oil apply the mixture in the chest, cover with plastic wrap and wear a scarf. Leave for one hour.

    00:09 Awesome uses of activated charcoal
    01:19 Homemade hair dye
    03:45 Use honey to exfoliate lips
    06:00 Homemade cough drops
    18:05 How to dry nails faster

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    14:10 A tip for boys you were asking! 😎

    Actually it is good for ladies as well...👸
    Best ideas from video:
    00:09 Awesome uses of activated charcoal
    01:19 Homemade hair dye
    03:45 Use honey to exfoliate lips
    06:00 Homemade cough drops
    18:05 How to dry nails faster
    Some hacks for men https://youtu.be/rykRW6qELuk

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