• Published: 13 April 2019
  • In the desire to surprise others, many people find amazing ways. Savvy and skill of such users is sometimes simply amazing! However, we must admit that sometimes it comes out quite interesting and even funny. Particularly successful in this case, the users of instagram. Instagram is a social network designed to publish photos and videos. The most popular it received due to the fact that it is convenient to use with a smartphone. If you want to tell the world that you are finally on vacation and flew to travel, but before the real flight, and even vacation, is still far away, just use the toilet lid! Crazy? Yes! But after watching this video, you will know how funny and realistic can get such a picture. So much so that you also want to try!

    Have long wanted to put a nice photo with a shaggy friend, but allergies do not allow you to have a pet? It's okay! Just borrow a cute doggie from a friend or neighbor, and your photo is ready to strike the hearts of all users! If you wanted to start eating only healthy food, start on Monday! And a photo of a nice salad or a super healthy smoothie make now!

    0:05 Instagram vs Reality
    3:16 To beard or not to beard?
    5:03 Expectation vs Reality
    5:47 Before\Now
    7:15 Without kids\With kids
    8:11 Before 30\After 30
    9:00 Without you\With you
    9:39 With mom\Without mom
    10:22 Without dog\With dog
    11:20 Without cat\With cat


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