• Published: 03 February 2019
    We love candies and share a lot of ideas you can make using sweets. If you want to amaze your guests try to cook dishes we share! Make a cool decoration for a cake made from pears and candies. You can create a perfect flower that looks real. Make a huge lollipop with candies inside. It will be a perfect gift for kids. Decorate a cupcake with a flower made from lollipop and marshmallow. It will be a super cute flower for your candy bar.
    Another awesome idea is to make a lollipop out of sprite! Take a bowl a pour sprite, add food coloring and gelatin. Pour the mix into a mold for lollipops and freeze.
    Do you want to cook something special for your home party? The recipe of black ice-cream: take a bowl and add heavy cream, sugar and activated charcoal. Beat the mixture and add dry rice. And mix again. This perfect dessert will amaze your friends! Moreover, we have one more cool idea to surprise your friends - vegan caviar. Take a pan and pour water into it, add sriracha and agar-agar and mix these ingredients. Simmer agar-agar and sriracha for two minutes. Take a tall glass and pour vegetable oil, put into the fridge and let cool. When the vegetable oil is cold, take a syringe and squeeze out spheres of the hot mixture into the cold oil. You will see bead shapes appearing that will sink to the bottom of the glass. To separate the oil from pearls wash them with some water. Now you have fake caviar to decorate a cake or everything you like!
    Camembert bread will be the best dish during your party. Cut off the top of the bread loaf, make a hole large enough to fit the camembert. Next, cut the top of camembert and place into the hole. Make incisions on bread and fill with the sauce (mix rosemary, garlic, and olive oil). Bake for 25 minutes. Yummy!

    00:16 Lollipop ideas
    01:27 Giant handmade lollipop
    04:02 Sprite lollipops
    06:23 Black ice-cream recipe
    10:04 Quick egg roll
    17:29 Camembert bread

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