• Published: 05 April 2019

    Toothpaste is a brilliant cleaner that you can use around the house. Moreover, toothpaste could be used as a beauty product. For example, you can use toothpaste to get rid of pimples. If you forgot to clean baby bottles, use toothpaste to get rid of unpleasant milk odor. Burnt pan is a disaster for everyone who washes pans because it takes a lot of time to make greasy pan perfectly clean. You can save a lot of time and use toothpaste to clean it. And it won’t take much effort. If you don’t have facial scrub or mask for blackheads at home, exfoliate your nose using toothpaste and toothbrush. Also, you can use this idea to exfoliate lips. Another handy use of toothpaste is to use toothpaste to quickly clean a dirty iron. Check out a brilliant collection of lifehacks how to reuse old toothbrushes: you can use a toothbrush to clean a toilet, to make kitchen hooks, replace old mascara brush with a toothbrush.
    Check out more awesome lifehacks what to do if you don’t want your phone to be stolen, how to avoid the mess if you love eating sunflower seeds in a car or at home, how to open a beer bottle using chopsticks; a quick way to dry your hair using a sweater, how to get rid of pet hair using a scotch tape, how to quickly dry wet clothes using a towel.
    Check out clever ways to organize your clothes not only for traveling but also how to store clothes and save space in the wardrobe. The main rule is to roll clothes instead of folding. Roll clothes in small tubes and will save a ton of space and prevent wrinkles. You can even make a special folding board out of cardboard to make folding shirts and t-shirts even easier.

    00:09 Toothpaste lifehacks
    00:44 Clean baby bottles with toothpaste
    04:39 Clever way to dry hair
    07:18 Use toothbrush to clean a toilet
    10:37 Surprising uses of disposable gloves

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  • 5-Minute Crafts
    5-Minute Crafts   2 weeks back

    16:00 Pack clothes like a pro
    Best moments from this video:
    0:09 Toothpaste lifehacks
    0:44 Clean baby bottles with toothpaste
    4:39 Clever way to dry hair
    7:18 Use toothbrush to clean a toilet
    10:37 Surprising uses of disposable gloves
    30 thing everyone is doing wrong https://youtu.be/Hr4r0smKFTQ

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      This is a real hacks ? please reply .

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      Why do you not talk

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      5-Minute Crafts fer

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  • moon Lily :P
    moon Lily :P  20 hours back

    1:09 they didnt even touch the pan.. 🤷

    • Carter rosaine
      Carter rosaine  22 hours back

      0:44 you know what a better hack would be! Use your dish washer

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        Ramon Luis Dogillo  1 days back

        Magic colgate

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          Sunit creation  2 days back

          Sab fake hai

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            Foraon Ct  2 days back

            I'm daying don't worry i have toothpaste

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              Dang the dentist are going to run out of toothpaste.

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                              Swrbi  3 days back

                              You go tire germs on ur toothpaste

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                                Go watch pink farie on youtube

                                • Russian metal fuels me

                                  Hey you wanna know a REAL life hack ? For burns put butter in it it helps soothe the burn and rehydrate the skin

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                                    JR videos  3 days back

                                    0:27 is fake

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                                      Cómo sea ruina la vida

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                                        12:49 now that's not right

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                                          6:38 anyone got a big_di..

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                                            Alex Jansson  3 days back

                                            Who knows that toothpaste cant heal your skin?

                                            Or can it???

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                                              David Yt  3 days back

                                              En el minuto 1:10 nisiquiera toco la sarten con la espátula jajajaj

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                                                توة هيا كل حاجة معجون اتجيك ورشة معجون اتشفطي ب فمك معجون تغسلي معجون 😂😂😂💔🤦‍♂️

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                                                  Super odcinki

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                                                    Who is looking this bc you cant find another video

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                                                      So beautiful hacks

                                                      • Tommaso Testaguzza
                                                        Tommaso Testaguzza  4 days back

                                                        Honestly some of these your better off buying something for that use... Example: the toothbrush hacks. But still amusing to watch

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                                                            • Dance Forever
                                                              Dance Forever  4 days back

                                                              So the first one
                                                              I’m gonna use my car to get all the toothpaste out because I have barely any left

                                                              The second
                                                              I’m gonna use my toothpaste for my face

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                                                                    Mossy of these are fake don’t waste ur time

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                                                                      Best videous

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                                                                        I be flossin
                                                                        I be flossin
                                                                        I be flossin

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                                                                          First of no one is going to brush with that tooth paste that was on a tire

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                                                                            Change video thumbnail name this as tooth paste hacks😂😂😂

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                                                                                      1:58 tooth brush. I mean nose brush

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                                                                                        0:15 did you see the toothpaste stick on the car wheel

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