Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

  • Published: 22 March 2019
  • Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. The Single. Available everywhere now.

    Music video by Logic performing Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. © 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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  • flashman Lee
    flashman Lee  2 hours back

    Amazing song. Why did people hate the album, again?

    • Melvin Hunter-Williams
      Melvin Hunter-Williams  2 hours back

      This song is the song the world didn't know et needed.

      • Destiny Matos
        Destiny Matos  2 hours back

        i could not possibly love him more

        • RaneyDay
          RaneyDay  2 hours back

          I remixed this. Blood and all

          • Søren
            Søren  2 hours back

            Since when did logic get ripped

            • SkullCracker545
              SkullCracker545  2 hours back

              Imagine how long it toke for him to take the blood off

              • tsm fake cheeto
                tsm fake cheeto  3 hours back

                Logic, We All Have Times Like This,One Day I Wanted to kill myself but during that day the 1-800 song had came out i listened to it and stoped myself immediately. you help many people go through this and you are an awesome person if u killed urself u would make everyone sad ,everyone loves you logic. dont quit. IDK How These People Pass You Off and say you are just bad these rappers use sex,money, and women to drive their songs ,but you put all ur heart into this music and work hard,
                Sincerely, Malachi Green

                • Their Nemesis
                  Their Nemesis  4 hours back

                  If you want soul music then Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. If you want a pumped up and upbeat song then Keanu Reeves. Logic has put out two of his greatest songs in 2019. All of you have an amazing blessed year.

                  • Svelja
                    Svelja  5 hours back

                    I think there's some blood on your shirt you might wanna clean that up

                    • James Foreman
                      James Foreman  5 hours back

                      Bro go to the FUCKING HOSPITAL!!!

                      • Rachel Roska
                        Rachel Roska  6 hours back

                        So whats the story with him being injured?

                        • Antonio Rosales
                          Antonio Rosales  7 hours back

                          Ppl needa let this nigga do his thang

                          • King Ash
                            King Ash  7 hours back

                            FUCK THIS NIGGA SPEAK REAL SHIT FUCK DRAKE

                            • BeastModeRocha
                              BeastModeRocha  7 hours back

                              This is rap.

                              • Kyphainz
                                Kyphainz  7 hours back

                                Ok.... this song is rad but don't let this distract you from the fact at 2:14 logic wasted a nice ass joint

                                • Ian Goode
                                  Ian Goode  7 hours back

                                  Logic: So i got a slight cut on my neck...
                                  Director: I think we can play this off

                                  • BarnYard Fat rat
                                    BarnYard Fat rat  8 hours back

                                    I gotta thank his father's father for not using a condom and then thank his father for not using a condom and then thank his moms mom for having sex with his fathers father and thank his fathers father for not wearing a condom.

                                    • Ludwig Hulten
                                      Ludwig Hulten  8 hours back

                                      How could this only have 6 million views???

                                      • P4ndaTTV
                                        P4ndaTTV  9 hours back

                                        Is that real Blood

                                        • Mak Trb
                                          Mak Trb  9 hours back

                                          GAAAAWWWWDD DAMMNNN. Last time I saw Logic he was hella skinny. Damn. His transformation is almost as litty as the song

                                          • Xxelo Hamilton
                                            Xxelo Hamilton  10 hours back

                                            Damn ,he has some beautiful muscles

                                            • Mattia Fabbian
                                              Mattia Fabbian  10 hours back

                                              *a few moment later*
                                              -house is on fire-
                                              Oh shit!

                                              • Nic Salerno
                                                Nic Salerno  11 hours back

                                                This will go down as one of the best hip hop songs of our generation.

                                                • ghozt141TF
                                                  ghozt141TF  11 hours back

                                                  April 22nd i've listened to this song atleast once a day. Fuego💯.

                                                  • Hivu
                                                    Hivu  12 hours back

                                                    holly shit

                                                    • Ali Mullen
                                                      Ali Mullen  13 hours back

                                                      He’s dope but his video is overly dramatic 🙄

                                                      • Brite Goku
                                                        Brite Goku  13 hours back

                                                        This songs tells us how he feels abouts the music and the what's going on with him irl

                                                        • Blue Jay
                                                          Blue Jay  14 hours back

                                                          Start ER resuscitation. Stabilize cervical spine. Secure airway using a 7 Fr uncuffed tracheostomy tube inserted in the distal tracheal end by emergency trauma team. Do a bilateral saphenous cut down and start intravenous crystalloid. Pack the laceration and prep for emergency surgery if necessary, but it looks like the patient's esophagus is intact. He's even rapping. He's going to be alright.
                                                          Have him talk to the psychiatrists after to determine is there's a sign of severe depression or if it was a one time thing.

                                                          • Marc Hasenkopf
                                                            Marc Hasenkopf  15 hours back

                                                            02:15 rip blunt

                                                            • Ry Rez
                                                              Ry Rez  15 hours back

                                                              Sounds *exactly* like Kendrick... Mixed with Drake...

                                                              • Human Being
                                                                Human Being  18 hours back

                                                                Can't express how much i love this man. Confessions of a dangerous mind will be his best work till date i can swear it on mah life.

                                                                • Human Being
                                                                  Human Being  18 hours back

                                                                  Confessions of a Dangerous Mind


                                                                  Yeah, I can't get no better, can't get no more cheddar
                                                                  I feel like a king and my queen is Coretta
                                                                  I been made a livin', I'm never gon' give in
                                                                  I'm just way too driven, that's why I been thinkin'
                                                                  I'm scared that I'm sinkin', I'm scared that I'm fallin'
                                                                  The world think I'm ballin' and maybe I am
                                                                  But don't give a damn, back in the beginnin'
                                                                  Did not have a plan, don't know who I am
                                                                  Or who I'm becomin' but I'ma do me to the fullest, alright
                                                                  Bustin' and dodgin' them bullets all night
                                                                  Take over the world, yeah I'm thinkin' I might
                                                                  Got 'em all in my sight
                                                                  I know that I'm strong, I know that I am
                                                                  I know I'm the man and whether you poor or you filled with financial security
                                                                  Everyone deal with they own insecurity
                                                                  Even the preacher was born with impurity
                                                                  Scared to go out even with my security
                                                                  Scared of the world and all of its obscurity
                                                                  Pray for maturity, hope that I grow
                                                                  Hope my anxiety stay on the low
                                                                  I swear I hope that shit don't fuck up my flow
                                                                  Where do I go? What would you do
                                                                  If suddenly all of your dreams came true?
                                                                  What would you do if you did it all? (If you did it all)
                                                                  If you ain't never have to lift a finger
                                                                  Would you linger like, "Fuck 'em all"?
                                                                  Guess it's your call, but I can't (It's your call, but I can't)
                                                                  This a marathon, not a sprint
                                                                  Switch up the plan like homie that went from Verizon to Sprint
                                                                  Can you hear me now? Does anybody out there feel me now?

                                                                  What's your name? What's your game?
                                                                  Come now boy, just spit your flow
                                                                  Feel the pain with the game, what you tryna say though?
                                                                  Novocaine to the brain, I can't feel nothing no more
                                                                  In my lane, can't refrain from lettin' these people know
                                                                  What's your name? What's your game?
                                                                  Come now boy, just spit your flow
                                                                  Feel the pain with the game, what you tryna say though?
                                                                  Novocaine to the brain, I can't feel nothing no more
                                                                  In my lane, can't refrain from lettin' these people know

                                                                  How I feel (How I feel), yeah that's how I feel (That's how I feel)
                                                                  Break it down, roll it up, that's how high I feel (That's how high I feel)
                                                                  How I feel (How I feel), how high I feel (How high I feel)
                                                                  Down, roll it up, yeah

                                                                  Searchin' for bliss only led me to searchin' for hits
                                                                  Only led me to battle depression
                                                                  I done learned my lesson 'cause fame never lessen the pain
                                                                  What if your life was under a glass?
                                                                  And people tried to dig up shit from your past
                                                                  And tell you what's good and what's not
                                                                  And every time you drop a song, they say that it's wack or it's hot
                                                                  And don't give a damn that it came from the heart
                                                                  They tear it apart like hyenas that's here for the dreamers
                                                                  That's here for the people that know what I'm sayin'
                                                                  All of you people that know what I'm sayin'
                                                                  Fuck social media
                                                                  Tellin' me who I should be and just how I should rap
                                                                  They always compare, they always compare me to others
                                                                  And try to pit me up against all my brothers
                                                                  Now why you think so many rappers be overdosin' at the crib?
                                                                  (Overdosin' at the crib)
                                                                  'Cause people just won't let 'em live
                                                                  And the public is constantly thinkin' they know 'em
                                                                  But nobody knowin' what's goin' on inside (On inside)
                                                                  And they wonder why we all hide, shit (Why we all hide, shit)
                                                                  Maybe I'm just overthinkin'
                                                                  Or maybe I'm just over smokin' and drinkin'
                                                                  And when I can't deal with the hate, I self-medicate
                                                                  Sit in the corner and think of a better day
                                                                  Maybe this bullet can help me to get away
                                                                  I just cannot seem to think of a better way
                                                                  Even though I know there is, that's why I keep goin'
                                                                  That's why I keep flowin', that's why I keep perserverin'
                                                                  Even when I'm hearing I'm a bitch, I'm a fag
                                                                  I'm a motherfuckin' hypebeast, I ain't black in the slight least
                                                                  I ain't good enough, I should quit, I should kill myself (Kill myself)
                                                                  "'Cause you'll never be Kenny"
                                                                  "You'll never be better than Drizzy or Cole"
                                                                  "You're losing your hair, you're too fucking old, " yeah
                                                                  These are the comments I'm readin' on Twitter right now
                                                                  That made me depressed and they pullin' me down
                                                                  I'm trying to swim but I think I'ma drown
                                                                  So I'ma turn my feelin' into a sound
                                                                  And play it when nobody else is around
                                                                  Whenever I feel like I'm far from the ground
                                                                  God give me the power to battle depression, yeah, round after round
                                                                  I wish I was famous, I wish I was rich
                                                                  I wish I could just get up out of this bitch (Out of this bitch)
                                                                  But be careful what you wish for (What you wish for)
                                                                  'Cause it ain't everything that it's cut out to be
                                                                  My life is good but not as good as it's boutta be
                                                                  'Cause I got vision, don't fuck with division
                                                                  It got what I'm bridgin', and I think that I am
                                                                  Do what you love and do not give a damn
                                                                  Fuck all the haters you see on the 'Gram
                                                                  Just mind your own business and be a good man
                                                                  Be a good boss and be a good friend
                                                                  Spread your imaginations to the millions
                                                                  Don't worry about how to maintain all your millions
                                                                  Just spread that positivity for the children
                                                                  And all the haters that's hatin', just love 'em
                                                                  'Cause that's the only way you ever gon' kill 'em
                                                                  Know some of you feelin' (Know some of you feelin')
                                                                  Last but not least, put your ego on the shelf
                                                                  And remember, love yourself (Love yourself)

                                                                  Oh nah, nah (Oh, nah, nah)
                                                                  Put your ego on the shelf and love yourself (Love yourself)
                                                                  Nah, nah, nah (Nah, nah, nah)
                                                                  Put your ego on the shelf, and remember, love your-
                                                                  'Member, love yourself

                                                                  Oh nah, nah
                                                                  Put your ego on the shelf and love yourself
                                                                  Nah, nah, nah

                                                                  • slither noob
                                                                    slither noob  18 hours back

                                                                    How in the hell does this only have 6.6 million views damn....

                                                                    • Andrew Valdez
                                                                      Andrew Valdez  20 hours back

                                                                      Anyone else hear the song playing like twice at the same time? listen to the whole thing and in some parts its easier to hear then others, but I swear the same song is just playing in the background but really quiet and about 1 second behind from the main "loud part" of the song. Yes i know its supposed to have the echos at the end of lines but like idk about the rest. Maybe im just tripping tho

                                                                      • Fernando Garcia
                                                                        Fernando Garcia  24 hours back

                                                                        One of thee best songs I ever heard

                                                                        • Carlos Tapia
                                                                          Carlos Tapia  1 days back

                                                                          Real shit.

                                                                          • Zack Werner
                                                                            Zack Werner  1 days back

                                                                            This should really be one of those 50-100 million views type song.

                                                                            • Wolf_Muzaka
                                                                              Wolf_Muzaka  1 days back

                                                                              sounds like kendrick

                                                                              • Damien Wilcox
                                                                                Damien Wilcox  1 days back

                                                                                Next rap god hands down

                                                                                • Vapor Dash
                                                                                  Vapor Dash  1 days back

                                                                                  when you give a preacher fake blood and a deep song

                                                                                  • Vicky Aguilar
                                                                                    Vicky Aguilar  1 days back

                                                                                    Fucking love logic

                                                                                    • John Chou
                                                                                      John Chou  1 days back

                                                                                      Logic looks so chunky in this video.

                                                                                      • Menace Vex
                                                                                        Menace Vex  1 days back


                                                                                        • WolfAlley
                                                                                          WolfAlley  1 days back

                                                                                          number 1 by far

                                                                                          • Francisco Mateus
                                                                                            Francisco Mateus  1 days back

                                                                                            Uuhhhh... Sir, you are bleeding... 😐

                                                                                            • yummikenz
                                                                                              yummikenz  1 days back

                                                                                              Someone get the man a bandaid,stat

                                                                                              • Raphael C
                                                                                                Raphael C  1 days back

                                                                                                BITCH YOU JEFFERY!

                                                                                                • Miguel Soto-Rios
                                                                                                  Miguel Soto-Rios  1 days back

                                                                                                  I love this really do!🔥🔥🔥