Angle Grinder Restoration | Very Old Hitachi Angle grinder Restoration MR. NVC DIY
1 days back
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Restoration the axe old | Restore metal castings ax | Antique construction tools restoration Metal And Restoration
2 days back
Restoration the axe old| Restore metal castings ax | Antique construction tools restoration Welcome to the next restoration. I was sent by a fan to me an ax.
Restoration antique Russian technology ceiling fan Restoration Restore Tool
7 hours back
Restoration antique Russian technology ceiling fan A ceiling fan has been produced since 1985. It has a long time of use. We have repaired and restored it.
Old Juicer Blender Machine Restoration | Restore 220 Volt Electric Juicer Mr. Tool
3 days back
Old Juicer Blender Machine Restoration | Restore 220 Volt Electric Juicer #Restoration #OldRused #MachineRestoration Like Us On Facebook ...
Vintage Table Fan - Restoration TysyTube Restoration
2 weeks back
This is a very nice Vintage Table Fand, made in France in 1950. The base of this Table Fan is made from bakelite and was the first plastic made from synthetic ...
Rare Coffee Grinder Machine - Restoration, do you like coffee? TysyTube Restoration
6 days back
In this video i'm restoring a Rare coffee grinder Peugeot I bought this coffee grinder at flea market for 5 euro. This coffee grinder is made in France in 1930 by ...
Antique Rusty Micrometer - Precise Restoration my mechanics
1 weeks back
In this video i'm restoring an antique swiss watchmaker micrometer. I bought this micrometer on eBay for $25. When I was scrolling through the antique section ...
Rusty Handmade Metal Foundry - Amazing Restoration Live With Creativity
1 days back
This Foundry is my Own Handmade and Now, I'll Restore it to Reuse it Again to Make a Lot of Impressive Things !! Watch the Double Blade War Axe Restoration: ...
Restoration Axe Japanese - RESTORATION Project Axe Simple Scrap Restoration
8 hours back
Hi. We found a forgotten ax and we restored the ax. We have refreshed the ax with the simplest machines. We will keep trying on the next videos. Everyone ...
Restoration 1800's Niagara Sheet Metal Brake The Good of the Land
22 hours back
Welcome back! we have another great restoration for you! This is an old tool from the late 1800 and is deserving of a good restore. From rust removal to the final ...
Restoration rusty old air compressor | Restore vintage air compressor Restoration Restore Tool
2 weeks back
Restoration rusty old air compressor | Restore vintage air compressor Our next project is to restore an old air compressor. The air compressor we bought at the ...
Old Drill Restoration | Makita HR2601F AVT Rotary Hammer gear show
1 weeks back
Old Rotary Drill Restoration video This is Makita HR2601F AVT Rotary Hammer that I bought (20$) it from recycle shop with really poor condition. But after the ...
Rusted GREEK SWORD - Impossible RESTORATION Random Hands
2 months back
This sword belongs to Ancient Greek or spartan Armoury. These types of swords were built to hold them in one hand and the classic blade was generally about ...
Electric Water Pump Restoration | Soviet Water Pump gear show
2 weeks back
Electric Water Pump Restoration video This soviet water pump that I got my hometown, It is my grandfather's. I just know it is soviet water pump at water pump ...
1980 Antique Flashlight Restoration - Restoration Flashlight Mr.Electricity
1 days back
1980 Antique Flashlight Restoration - Restoration Flashlight.
Rusty Handmade BUTCHER's Gut Hook KNIFE RESTORATION Random Hands
3 weeks back
Gut Hook knife uses to clean the inner area of the body. It took too much time to restore it but i am extremely happy with the finishing view i did my best to restore ...
Antique Japanese Axe Restoration Yarimasu
1 weeks back
This is a 140 years old Japanese hand forged antique axe, or hatchet. Call it how you like it. I wanted to bring back life, and use it. After I restored, I tried. I have a ...
Restoring dented vintage lighter - Restoration project DIYCoolStuff
4 weeks back
I bought lot of old lighters from auction for restoration. The lighters are missing parts, have dents and some rust and oxidation. I'm sure I'll be able to restore at ...
Antique Meat Grinder Restoration | Very Rusty Meat Grinder gear show
3 months back
This is very rusty meat grinder restoration video, I got this grinder from the recycle shop. In this videos I recorded it step by step the process of restoration. I hope ...
Old Rusty Hammer - Restoration and Customization Koss
1 months back
Restoration and customization of an old rusty hammer which I bought at flee market. I slightky changed shape and added runic inscriptions to give it antient ...
Workshop Restoration | Car Garage Build From Scratch | BMW E30 325i Sport Restoration S2 E1 Restore It
2 weeks back
In this weeks video, the first episode in the second season of the BMW E30 restoration. You'll see the new Restore It workshop properly for the first time. You'll ...
Antique grinder - Restoration (how your mother used) TysyTube Restoration
3 weeks back
In this video i restore this Antique Universal Food Chopper! The Universal Food Chopper was meant to replace a chopping bowl. The food chopper did not chop ...
Two-Man Chainsaw - Bar & Chain [Restoration] Hand Tool Rescue
1 weeks back
The time has come for this chainsaw restoration. This specific saw restoration is for me and I have been wanting to get to this tool for a long time. I started the ...
$30 Destroyed iPhone 6 Restoration - Seller Tried to Scam Me?! Hugh Jeffreys
2 months back
This iPhone 6 was sold as iCloud locked and was not only missing parts but purposely loaded with a dead battery to maximise selling profits but what the seller ...
Vintage style Victoria Station clock - Restoration TysyTube Restoration
2 months back
This is an Vintage style Victoria Station 1747 London clock. I found this beautiful clock at flea market, This is not very old, maybe few years. I hope you enjoy it!
TILLER RESTORATION (Will It Ever Run Again) Machinery Restorer
4 weeks back
Restoration of a very rusty yard tiller. Can I rescue it to a perfect running condition . Tiller Restoration Thank you to my Patrons ...
Antique Rusty Cleaver Restoration The Small Workshop
2 months back
Paid two bucks at a local flea market for this old, rusty cleaver. It did not look like much and hat a lot of rust pitting on one side, the handle was ruined and had ...
Sunken Honda WX10 Engine Restoration Rebuild Part 3 RetroHax
23 hours back
In this video we assemble the Honda WX10 pump but not all is well. Let me know your opinion in the comments section. No guesswork please only facts.
Antique Rusty Rivet Tool Restoration Screws And Tools
3 days back
Hello folks! A few days ago at flea market I found a antique rusty rivet tool. Of course I decided to buy it. It's an old mechanical tool. I like it. So, first of all I ...
Rotary Hammer Drill Restoration | Hitachi Rotary Hammer Drill gear show
3 weeks back
Rotary Hammer Drill Restoration Video This is old model of rotary hammer drill from hitachi, that I bought it from japan recycle shop in my city. *Power Tool ...
Restoration very old Japanese electric fans | Restore antique fan Japanese in 1945 Restore And Restoration
4 days back
Restoration very old Japanese electric fans | Restore antique fan Japanese in 1945 A old fan Japanese , very antique, very old, I bought an antique player, ...
1964 Mk1 Mini Restoration S2 Ep232 - Roof Smacked ! Matt Green
3 hours back
wow , that went and looks better than i thought for the conditions i have painted in ... lets see what it looks like in a few weeks lol enjoy Have I been helpful ?
Old Rusty Axe Restoration Screws And Tools
1 weeks back
Hello folks! This old rusty axe I found at flea market for low price (USD $2). For the first time I have seen this model of axe. What do you think, It looks like more as ...
Big Ben restoration reveals North Dial clock face's original colour | ITV News ITV News
4 hours back
One of Big Ben's newly restored clock dials has been unveiled after more than a year of work to reveal a face with blue hands and numbers - not black.
6 months back
More than fifty years old PLIER found in my grand father's house RANDOM HANDS Brothers told me to restore it and i decided to restore it with their help and ...
Antique Handmade Butcher's Knife RESTORATION Random Hands
6 months back
Hello Everyone, Today we Restored the antique butcher's knife into a good looking Dagger. I got this knife from my elder brother's junkyard i insisted him to let ...
1920 Firefighter Helmet Restoration TysyTube Restoration
3 months back
This is a very rusted helmet for Firefighter, made in France in 1920. I found this helmet at flea market, cost me 20 euro. As you can see is in a very bad condition, ...
Apple Watch Series 3 Restoration Hugh Jeffreys
4 weeks back
Restoring this Apple Watch Series 3 38mm which I picked up for $70. --------------------------------------Socials------------------------------------- Twitter: ...
Rusty Handmade BUTCHER's SLICER - Unbelievable Restoration Random Hands
3 months back
This Butcher's slicing Knife was too much Rusty and the steel used to make this knife was not too much Hard But i tried my best to restore it and after all i gave it ...
Vintage Scotch Dispenser - Restoration TysyTube Restoration
4 weeks back
In this video i'm restoring an Vintage 3M Scotch Dispenser m-96. Made in U.S.A. I found this Vintage tape dispenser at flea market , it cost...
Double handled Vintage Drill - Unbelievable Restoration Live With Creativity
5 days back
Today I'm here with a Vintage Double Handled Electric Cord Drill Machine whom I Bought From a Scrap Store for a Little Price. So, I Hope You'll Like this Video ...
FIRST OVERHAUL IN OVER 40 YEARS!!! RESTORATION!!! Engine Rebuild!!! VW Kombi Owl =) Rusty!!! CT moog
3 days back
This is part one of the rebuild series of the engine from the popular video "FIRST START IN OVER 40 YEARS" Sit back and enjoy as we take this engine apart for ...
Powerful Hand cranked grinder - Restoration TysyTube Restoration
2 months back
This is an very old hand-cranked grinder found at flea market few days ago. If you know what brand maked this grinder pleas let me know. If you want to become ...
Restoring broken vintage flashlight/lantern - Restoration project DIYCoolStuff
6 days back
This weeks restoration project, vintage Wonder flashlight/lantern, cost me only 0.7€. It is very patinated and had a bit of rust and as you will find out later on the ...
Hot Wheels Restoration 1980's Corvette Stingray baremetalHW
2 weeks back
In this video I will restore a 1980's Corvette Stingray. My Email address... [email protected] Want to send me cars? My PO Box... PO Box 1964 Red Oak ...
Electric Pressure Washer restoration Restoration of Everything
1 days back
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Restoration Grim reaper scythe old rusty | Restore combat weapon antique Restoration Restore It
2 months back
Restoration Grim reaper scythe old rusty | Restore combat weapon antique Hello. Today I received a big scythe from an unfamiliar customer. he asked me to ...
Electric Drill Restoration | Very Old Hitachi Drill Restoration gear show
4 weeks back
Electric drill restoration video, I made this video in very detail the process of restoration. I hope you find something useful & enjoy from this video! I am happy to ...