Disney Lucasfilm purchase, George Lucas and Bob Iger sign and discuss acquisition Inside the Magic
6 years back
Visit for more about Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm!
3 months back
Lucasfilm...whatever you did, whoever it was...Thank you... The last few days have been heavy, but without the support of YOU all...our voices wouldn't have ...
Lucasfilm to the rescue?!? Star Wars Theory gets his fan film back Thor Skywalker
3 months back
In this video I discuss Lucasfilm helping Star Wars Theory get his Vader film back. Follow me on twitter @Tell_Kanjiklub.
LUCASFILM SUPPORTS MY VADER FAN FILM!! BUT... - Star Wars Theory Fan Film Star Wars Theory
10 months back
I've spoken to LUCASFILM, and not just anyone there, but the highest man up in the ranks for the department I contacted. It took some time, however it happened ...
Lucasfilm Ltd. Logo History Ryan Holman
2 years back
This studio was formed on a wing and a prayer. Logos and footage are owned by The Walt Disney Company.
LucasFilm Ltd. & Paramount Pictures: Classic - iNTRO|Logo: Variant (2008) | HD 1080p KiNoLoGoIntroRelease
7 years back
Taken from: Indiana Jones and the King of the Crystal Skrull - Blu-ray (2008) (C) 2084 LucasFilm Ltd. / Paramount Pictures. (C) 2008 Paramount Home ...
Lucasfilm Ltd. Logo History BenIsRandom
2 years back
You know the drill: couldn't find some variants. Made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of the original "Star Wars" on May 25, 1977.
Solomon Thomas Gets a Behind-the-scenes Tour of Lucasfilm San Francisco 49ers
1 years back
The 49ers rookie defensive lineman and avid Star Wars fan took a trip to the legendary Lucasfilm studios in San Francisco, Calif., to learn more about the classic ...
Lucasfilm Announces LOTS of New Prequel Trilogy Canon Content Coming!! - Star Wars Explained Star Wars Theory
7 months back
A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one... New titles include: * Qui-Gon Jinn * Darth Maul * Obi-Wan Kenobi * Jango Fett * Anakin Skywalker * Count Dooku ...
Lucasfilm's Feminist Agenda - They're Trying To Rewrite The Original Trilogy Geeks + Gamers
2 months back
Lucasfilm - Star Wars HQ Dan Tube
2 years back
Lucasfilm, San Francisco - Reception Area A visit to the Star Wars Holy Land (May 2017). The security guy and Lucasfilm reception staff were really friendly and ...
R2-D2 Takes You on a Tour of Lucasfilm’s Amazing Collection DisneyD23
7 months back
Star Wars fans, get ready to go light speed to San Francisco! We experienced an amazing tour of Lucasfilm's enormous collection of props, costumes, and ...
Disney - Lucasfilm Purchase Announcement - Disney CEO and George Lucas sign agreement Attractions Magazine
6 years back
Watch as Disney CEO Bob Iger and George Lucas sign an agreement for Disney to purchase Lucasfilm. They also announced Star Wars Episode 7 will come ...
Lucasfilm Spoke to Me Star Wars Theory
4 weeks back
Hey everyone! I couldn't be more excited about this and can't wait to be at Celebration Chicago. Thanks to Lucasfilm for sending me a Media badge, and for ...
Visita a Lucasfilm cinescape
6 years back
Por primera vez, cámaras de la TV peruana ingresan a las instalaciones de Lucasfilm en San Francisco y Bruno nos muestra artículos originales utilizadas en ...
New Star Wars Intro: Disney / Lucasfilm / Bad Robot David Hammer
5 years back
UPDATE*** - I've seen Episode VII and I'm aware that Disney's logo does not appear at the beginning of the film. The only logo seen is the familiar one for ...
THX WOW! (1990 Lucasfilm Demo) • HD Remaster Sanchez del Campo
2 years back
A Lucasfilm montage to showcase the THX Home Theatre System. Released in 1990, this demonstration highlights the power of music and sound effects from ...
Lucasfilm Story Group Interview | Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 Star Wars
3 years back
Matt Martin, Pablo Hidalgo, and Leland Chee chat with Andi and Peter about what the Star Wars Celebration experience is like for the Star Wars experts.
Lucasfilm Intro Logo New Version 2015 SD (The Force Awakens) nicko 528
4 years back
(C) 2015 Lucasfilm Ltd. (C) 2015 Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. DISCLAIMER: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, ...
The negotiations between Disney and Lucasfilm - A negotiation case study 365 Careers
2 years back
On Facebook: On the web: On Twitter: Subscribe to our ...
Lucasfilm LTD's THX Opening Film Logo - 2000 Tristan Johns
1 years back
Lucasfilm LTD's THX Opening Film Logo from 2000. This was the captured from the VHS release of Fantasia 2000. This was from a VHS transfer of a private ...
The Fans or Lucasfilm? Who's really to blame for the falling out and controversay around Rey? Thor Skywalker
6 months back
In this video I take us to an alternate reality, where Rey is a male character and Luke has always been a female character Follow us on twitter @Tell_Kanjiklub.
Lucasfilm Former Employees Leaving Terrible Reviews of Company? MechaRandom42
5 months back
Random Reacts to alleged former Lucasfilm employees leaving terrible reviews on Glassdoor. Glassdoor is a website where employees and former employees ...
STAR WARS 9 : Y a-t-il le feu chez Lucasfilm ? | Point Ciné #1 Mordraen
1 years back
Que nous dit le licenciement de Colin Trevorrow de la stratégie de Lucasfilm pour la saga Star Wars ? C'est le thème de ce premier Point Ciné. ------ Pour me ...
OFFICIAL Star Wars Old Republic Movies UPDATE By Lucasfilm - Star Wars News The Stupendous Wave
1 weeks back
STAR WARS MERCH: Business: ...
Was The Last Jedi an objective mistake by Lucasfilm? (Let's Talk Some Star Wars 008) Thor Skywalker
9 months back
In this video I discuss why I believe The Last Jedi was an objective mistake on the part of Lucasfilm. Follow us on twitter @Tell_Kanjiklub.
11 months back
Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Being Considered By Lucasfilm John Campea
6 days back
See the full episode this clip is from: Brian Meadows - Over the past day or so, I've seen many outlets post ...
Lucasfilm Removed The Claim - An Important Moment For Star Wars! Geeks + Gamers
3 months back
Lucasfilm Cancels Standalones? - Jedi Council Collider Videos
10 months back
Enter the MY RODE REEL short film competition - 1 Million Dollars in Prizes! On today's Jedi Council (June 21st, 2018), Kristian Harloff, ...
10 months back
Kathleen Kennedy Fired & George Lucas Coming Back To Lucasfilm and Star Wars? George Lucas Reaction To Solo A Star Wars Story ...
Lucasfilm Doesn't Respect Female Characters Geeks + Gamers
4 months back
Ben Shapiro SLAMS Media & Lucasfilm for Blaming Fans Anomaly Inc
10 months back
This Video Details and Article Between a Media Writer who Blames Star Wars Fans and Praises Disney and Ben Shapiro From The Daily Wire Who Defends ...
Why Disney spent $4 billion on Lucasfilm and 'Star Wars' CNN Business
3 years back
'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' is first new film in the series since Disney bought LucasFilm back in 2012 -- but the media giant didn't need to wait for opening ...
Lucasfilm Lobby Tour and The Yoda Statue Rebel Force Radio
4 years back
Support RFR on @Patreon #OnPatreon Join Jimmy Mac for a tour of the Lucasfilm lobby and the famous Yoda ...
Was Disney/Lucasfilm's first decision their biggest mistake? (Let's Talk Some Star Wars) Thor Skywalker
4 months back
Discussion Starter Video: Enjoy my videos? Consider supporting me on Patreon and gain access to my ...
Lucasfilm Animation / Lucasfilm / Warner Bros. Pictures MonofiedKuma
2 years back
Seen at the end of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars film.
LucasFilm Singapore (ILM, LucasFilm Animation, LucasArts) Reuben K N
5 years back
Benefits of working in LucasFilm Singapore. *Hope I work here in the future!! No copyright intended. LucasFilm Ltd.
Lucasfilm's Habitat Promotional Video F. Randall Farmer
11 years back
The first promotional video of the first virtual world and avatars. Circa 1986.
LucasFilm, a sede da Star Wars em San Francisco Canal California
2 years back
Star Wars foi um fenômeno cultural e os fãs não podem deixar de fazer uma visita a sede da LucasFilm, fundada pelo cineasta George Lucas que fica no ...
Lucasfilm loses Darth Vader fan film lawsuit 3 Buck Theater
1 years back
Lucasfilm loses a Darth Vader fan film lawsuit that was brought on by filmmaker Marc John, who believed that he lost out on over a million dollars when Disney ...
Analysis on LucasFilm and Disney's Negotiations Brittany Norris
4 years back
My Negotiation Research Case Project for Full Sail.
New Star Wars intro [Disney, Bad Robot, Lucasfilm] Randall Starr
4 years back
Trying to move on without the Fox fanfare - my choice for the new intro is BINARY SUNSET!
Will This Be Kathleen Kennedy's Last Month As President of Lucasfilm? Geeks + Gamers
8 months back
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4 months back
CYBERFROG MINIFIG: My new comics channel! Buy some ...